A Complete Guide on Qualifying Leads the Genie Way in BFSI Sector

Lead qualification in BFSI

Did you know that buying an insurance policy is just a voice command away?


That you can have your Bank A/C-related issues resolved in mere 5 seconds?


The BFSI sector is evolving drastically by adopting new-age technologies like VOICE AI for growing sales numbers through automating the lead qualification process.

New automation initiatives such as digital journeys, e-KYC services, and e-signatures have greatly benefited all customers globally. 


Same way, by automating lead qualification in the banking & finance sectors, it is feasible to create targeted engagement and re-engagement efforts to push prospective customers down the sales funnel quickly.

Qualifying Leads With Automation & Intelligence

Leveraging Voice Assistants

The use of AI-powered voice bots in the finance business can be quite beneficial. Voice bots allow financial institutions to reply to consumer inquiries considerably faster and more efficiently, as well as assist them construct a detailed profile of each customer based on their preferences and history. This assists businesses in better understanding their customers’ wants and providing a more personalized experience. Furthermore, deploying voice bots can eliminate the need for financial institutions to recruit additional customer support staff to address routine-based queries.

The Results?

Using Virtual Assistants to automate the lead qualification process, you can determine who your salespeople are selling to and the potential lifetime value of each lead in the pipeline.


The better you understand your ideal client for your financial products or services, the easier it is to prioritize the proper business leads with minimal work on your behalf. Accomplishments? A happier sales crew, a greater close rate, and more revenue flow.

About GenieTalk’s Voice AI Solution

The BFSI industry is one of the most recognized sectors that is embracing AI and ML to improve its customer experience. With customers growing more tech-savvy, GenieTalk’s Voice AI Solution- GenieQualify is supporting businesses in keeping up with evolving customer expectations.

Let’s have a look at it.

Elevated Experiences

Today, it is usual for businesses to provide speedy responses through their digital channels, but users must still wait for significant periods of time to be responded to if they want to interact by phone, where they are routed through IVRs. With Voice, businesses can assure their omnichannel presence wherever their customers are, and deliver prompt and efficient service to engage and re-engage both new and existing customers, covering multiple touchpoints.

Effortless Conversations

GenieVA uses the strength and deep understanding of ML and NLU to extract variables or keywords from the customer’s inquiry in order to understand their meaning and offer a quick response. Furthermore, it is trained to converse in natural voices to create a human-like feel in the room.

  • Answering FAQs: Conversational AI enables businesses to communicate with customers in a more empathetic manner, offering them real-time information, advice, and solutions through virtual agents rather than simply presenting the information.
  • Handling Objections & Rebuttals: Interactions across numerous touchpoints become easier with voice assistants addressing any and every question with contextual and personalized responses based on user history 100X faster than the human agent, enhancing customer satisfaction and building greater connections.

    Furthermore, Genie Virtual Agents employ natural human-like voices that produce natural sound and adjust intonation, resulting in an experience that is even more similar to that of a human telephone conversation, leaving the customer at ease.


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Major Use-Cases in BFSI Sector

1. Lead Generation- Leads are the backbone, and lead generation is the main focus of organizations about growth.

Telemarketing can be used to generate leads for businesses in various industries, such as insurance, finance, and banking. Virtual assistants can concurrently dial potential customers to determine the level of interest in a product or service and capture their contact information for follow-up, saving time and resources for an organization.

2. Reminder Calls-
Unlike IVR, GenieQualify accesses customers’ profiles to get their facts and history, as well as have contextual dialogues with them. This type of connection is extremely personalized and tailored to each customer.

Voice bots can also be proactive and connect to clients on a regular basis to remind them of forthcoming renewals and appointments, as well as share tailored offers. The use cases differ from one industry to industry.

3. Customer Feedback-
Brands can communicate with their customers using our personalized & automated solution. Knowing people can engage directly with your brand and receive accurate responses, the technology opens the door for more input to come in the form of feedback and help your business develop. 

Negative feedback, if any can be handled in real-time by a live customer care service, resolving the issue with human agents through rapid call transfer.

4. Debt Collection Calls-
Companies can use outbound call automation to contact their database automatically using voice assistants, reaching out to every consumer in their portfolio and achieving 100% account penetration.

This method saves a significant amount of time when it comes to proactively circulating news, accelerating recovery, notifying customers of outstanding debts or payments, and understanding consumer demands.

5. Appointment Generation-
Reliance on human agents and their availability is reduced. Customers can, on the other hand, use Conversational AI technology to talk with Voice assistants and schedule, delay, or cancel appointments. This implies that there will be no more time lost on phone referrals or busy lines. Customers can use the automated scheduling options now at their fingertips to better manage everything.

6. Re-Engagement-
Voice Bots can also deliver a wide range of outbound services. They can, for example, initiate outbound calls to engage new customers and re-engage existing or lost customers. They can remind consumers about services or prequalify them for certain items based on user history and preferences, all through frictionless communication with the help of Genie VA. The best thing is that all of the information is instantly available whenever it is needed.

P.S.- According to a Bain & Company study on online customer loyalty, returning customers spend more, generate bigger transactions, refer to more individuals, and purchase additional products from the same brand.


7. Cross/Up Sell Management- AI can spot opportunities in your consumer base. Upselling and cross-selling are two effective techniques to add value to your consumers while increasing your revenue. 

Our smart GenieVA will direct your consumers on the correct path, encouraging them to make decisions more quickly. It can lead to shorter sales cycles and more sales. Furthermore, they can offer relevant suggestions to upsell and cross-sell the products or services depending on the user intent, previous shopping experience, and subscription-type services, resulting in a highly personalized experience and higher conversion rates.

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 With infinite possibilities, the IVAs can be used for a variety of other applications, including fraud prevention and offering personalized suggestions for financial products based on individual client demands.

As technology advances in this area, we will most certainly witness the development of even more use cases that fully capitalize on the immense potential of today’s AI-driven solutions in creating long-term success in the BFSI Sector.

Benefits of a High-Powered Process to the Industry

1. Accelerated Sales Cycles:

You will understand exactly what information advances your lead to the next stage and helps you build your pipeline. You’ll know exactly where each of your finance leads stands, and you’ll be able to determine how likely they are to convert as well as assess the impact of each sales action directed towards them.

Making lead qualification a key element of your sales process will help you establish a loyal customer base, increasing the LTV of each customer, and also increasing your reach in terms of new customers.

2. Improved Lead Scoring:

  • Prioritizing leads based on call speech analytics can be done by analyzing various aspects of the conversation during the call. Here are some steps to prioritize leads based on call speech analytics:
  • Determine key indicators: The first step is to identify which key indicators are crucial to your firm. These can include things like the duration of the call, the number of questions answered, the tone of the conversation, or any specific terms that suggest a potential customer’s interest.
  • Analyze the conversation: You can analyze the conversation and extract data relating to the main indicators using speech analytics tools. You can, for example, track how many times a potential customer discusses specific items or services and the frequency of favourable or negative sentiments during the call.
  • Assign the scores: Once you have collected data related to the key indicators, you can assign scores to each potential customer based on their performance in each area.
  • Rank the Leads: After assigning scores to each potential customer, you can rank the leads based on their overall score. This will give you a prioritized list of leads, with the most promising leads at the top of the list.
  • Take Action: Finally, you can take action based on the prioritized list of leads. For example, you might prioritize follow-up calls or emails with the top-ranked leads, or assign specific team members to work on the highest-priority leads.

3. Intelligent Analytics:

 Working with conversational ai voice assistants allows you to make sense of all the data you collect, and know your users better.

Did You Know- According to Statista, 90% of B2B marketers believe that audience relevance is the most important aspect of marketing effectiveness?

 These intelligent assistants provide detailed information, allowing you to make better decisions to fuel your sales funnel and stay on track to improve your KPIs and other metrics like:

-Number of queries to which the intent was matched

-Query Resolution rate

-Rate of completion

-The drop-off rate, and many more..

4. Better Performance:

 When it comes to lead qualification, the fundamental question is whether it is a lead or not!

Marketers like to expand their market universe as much as possible. Without a doubt. However, more is not always beneficial, especially if the CRM database contains a significant amount of unqualified sales leads. With an updated database, you know who to target and can keep delivering marketing materials to the correct prospects, increasing sales force productivity by 85% and improving performance.

5. Enhanced Conversational Flow:

 Virtual Assistants can streamline routine tasks and inquiries while allowing clients to connect to businesses anytime and anywhere with 24*7 omnichannel support. That means it can process several queries at the same time. As a result, brands can deal with surges in call traffic with ease.

 Businesses can run massive campaigns to reach a large number of customers in a shorter time with voice bots, and also keep them dynamic for the changing needs of the customers, keeping the operations of the businesses free flowing.

6. Higher Conversion Rates:

 Automating the Conversations with GenieTalk’s Digital Voice agents means more revenue for B2B businesses. The B2B leaders have discovered that the most compelling use case for voice assistants was not as a brand-new digital communication channel, but rather as a conversion rate optimization tool.

With over a million concurrent conversations and the direct, 1-to-1 nature of fast query resolution, the platform claimed to be a place where businesses could develop personalized consumer experiences that converted into 10X more real conversions

7. Smoother Workflows:

 In a highly competitive industry, increasing the effectiveness of the marketing funnel is essential. Early adoption can put you ahead of the 56% of businesses that have yet to implement it and improve your operational flow.

With the ease of integration with CRM platforms, workflows are fastened. As GPT-4 technology advances, its versatility and conversational capabilities make it indispensable.

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The potential for automation in the banking & financial services sector is limitless; this article covers a major part of it.

 Using voice bots to improve customer support can greatly minimize the requirement for finance organizations to engage more customers concurrently. While voice bots have obvious limits, they can be an excellent tool for businesses trying to improve their customer service capabilities.

Also, automation with GenieQualify can help you free yourself from time-consuming manual tasks that suffocate your sales staff in inefficiency and raise churn.

It is critical to note that automating the lead qualification process does not imply replacing human resources with bots. It is instead about using technology to supplement the work of human agents and make their jobs easier.

 Finally, keep in mind that the business environment is not always pleasant. For a smooth workflow process, you should prioritize a low/no-code platform, such as, that has no additional platform charges or licensing fees. Just an effortless future!

All these advantages are just a click away. Experience a Demo with our Experts.

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