A Take on Multi-Lingual Virtual Assistants powered by Modern Language Models

Exploring the Power of Modern Language Model

You’re not alone if you’re still learning about GPT, massive language models, and intelligent intake. With insurance innovation and digitalization advancing, these approaches are making things easier.

Although we will say that the change in the last few months has been dramatic- from GPT-4 to Bard AI and other tech innovations, to Air.ai creating a buzz around Conversational AI, and more than 40,000+ businesses joining their waitlist- we can certainly say that professionals in various industries- banking, insurance, and fintech carriers have shifted from- ‘Being somewhat interested in intelligent technology to being Insanely interested.’

Multi-Lingual Voice Assistants for the Win​

GenieTalk.ai is an Automation Platform, often known as a multilingual Voice AI solution. Customers prefer to communicate with assistance and support intelligent virtual assistants in their native language or the language that is most convenient for them, to build a natural flow.

When your company interacts with consumers all over the world, a multilingual intelligent virtual assistant can help you ensure that everyone receives the same level of quality service 24*7, regardless of the language they speak.

The Voice AI-powered Genie Assistants have a unique feature that allows you to add various languages to your virtual assistant and even construct language-specific models for popular languages ranging from English to Hindi, and more.

How do Multi LLMs support Multiple Languages?

The idea behind Large Language Models is to understand the clear intent of what a person is saying, manage the Context in a conversation, and use massive amounts of data to train the voice assistant to offer rapid replies, indistinguishable from humans.

You can build a Voice Assistant proficient in a single language, but with an intellect to handle multiple languages as the customer makes a switch in another language, it can make the transition too. Don’t believe what we say, Here it yourself.

Here is a Voice Sample of GenieVA leveraging its expertise, and providing multi-lingual support without any lag. Take a brief look:

Fact Check: Genie VA has handled 10M+ Conversations in  languages, having served __+ happy clients globally, its doing wonders.

Quick Observations

  1. Normal Human-like responses.
  2. High on Empathy.
  3. Timely Switch from one language to another, without a long pause.

Because the model is language-driven, you may train the bot in any language or a combination of languages.

The Genie Voice AI Platform can assist you in the following ways:

  • Set and Converse in the needed Language.
  • Determine the NLU Model
  • Control the Multilingual Conversations
  • Handling any and every query in run time.

Driving Engagement & Higher CSAT

Of course, tailoring the correct query for specificity is critical. Customers will be dissatisfied with an agent reading from a script or a voicebot if their questions are not answered at the appropriate time, posing as a RED FLAG.


GenieVA is now fully live and working to provide you with general answers 24/7, without any additional training or efforts from your end, and the POC is offered in just 48 hours now by GenieTalk.ai. Furthermore, GenieTalk aims to fine-tune the LLMs for business-specific use cases in order to automate conversations without the hallucinations that were previously noticed with the usage of GPT 3.5. Notably, the model has been doing admirably well.

3 Simple Ways to Brew Engaging Conversations:

i) Listen & Respond Proactively

Anyone who has ever called a contact center understands that acknowledgment plays a key role. Being addressed with promptness is critical to a positive customer experience.

Data demonstrates that when assistants not only listen but also respond positively, two things happen: New customers are brought on board and customer Retention improves.

ii) Personalisation on the Loop

Even the most simple sentences may have a great impact. A customized query resolution may make all the difference when it comes to catering to the demands of the customers. By asking these simple questions can have a positive impact- “You may also like, You can also check, or here are some recommendations based on your Interest” can take personalization to the next level.

Furthermore, these inquiries serve as entry points for possibly more meaningful conversations about potential revenue possibilities for a company that goes beyond the reason for the call, where an agent may continue to build the flow.

iii) Provide Data Backed Insights

To get the most out of particular activities, it is critical to deliver data-backed insights for better decision-making.

Obtaining numerous insights, such as sentiment analysis and call reasons, can help the sales reps in building a stronger relationship with the customers. There’s a lot of noise in the market as to How You can enhance your CX, the above mentioned elements can help alot to move forward.

3 Ways to Brew Engaging Conversations

What’s Next?

The goal is to humanize the discussions as much as possible by using appropriate intent and context management. We are delighted to declare that Genie Virtual Assistant, unlike any other #AI on the market, has endless memory and impeccable recall power.

Genie can reproduce human-like interactions with astonishing precision and authenticity because of this unique capability. Successfully handled Millions of customer conversations, offering smooth and personalized service and fostering long-term partnerships, is what we excel at.

Indeed, Gartner expects that in the near future, 30% of our associations with innovation will be through “discussions” with Artificial Intelligence.


So we can all agree that when agents provide a personalized experience, everyone benefits.

What’s more than just doing that? The customer enjoys a better experience, the voice assistant performs 100% faster than a live agent, and the contact center meets or exceeds expectations.

So, how do you go about it?

With more than thousands of interactions served on a day-to-day basis, we discovered unique strategies that top agents used to create personalized moments for businesses ranging from insurance and banking to FinTech and Indian NBFCs.

If you enjoyed what you read above, then keep an eye on our revolutionary tech solution, as there’s more to come, with revolutions taking place at a lightning fast pace.

Also, if you wish to change your CX strategies and make your CSAT Scores more satisfactory with dynamic conversation handling Voice Assistants. Schedule a Quick Call with us.

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