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AI-powered Virtual Assistant

The goal of sales and marketing is to constantly find new ways to drive revenue growth and increase ROI. While many organizations are focused on digital marketing and advertising, tele qualification is another tool that can significantly impact the success of a company’s sales efforts.

What is Tele-Qualification?

Telequalification, also known as tele prospecting, entails making phone calls to potential customers in order to qualify them as leads for the sales team while eliminating outdated or cold leads. While this strategy has been around for decades, technological advancements have made it more effective than ever before with AI-powered Virtual Assistants.

Many organizations struggle to build a bridge between Marketing and Sales, and balancing the two departments to qualify and nurture leads results in a more consistent workflow that enhances productivity and revenue. They delegate authority over various stages of the end-to-end process to various sales leaders, representatives, and executives.

According to research, most salespeople are unable to do everything; few are successful in accumulating, qualifying, nurturing, and closing their own deals.

As a result, we at GenieTalk devised a modern, yet cost-effective solution to this problem: Tele-Qualification Powered by AI.

Introducing Genie Qualify is pleased to announce that the most recent GPT-4 APIs have been integrated into our Voice AI technology. Providing the foundation for our telemarketing Virtual Agent- GenieQualify, which can ask a set of pre-defined questions to qualify leads, and establish our position as the world’s leading conversational AI platform.

We understand the unique challenges that industries face in providing exceptional customer experiences, and we are confident that our cutting-edge technology will change the way you interact with your customers.

Benefits Derived to the B2B Businesses

1. Better Lead Scoring:

Lead scoring can predict the quality and future performance of existing leads, but it is not always accurate. A tele-qualification bot can help you quickly determine whether or not to prioritize a prospect based on its score. They can also provide additional intelligent and real-time insights that help to improve the accuracy of your lead scoring.

2. Personalized Experiences:

Those who fail to meet this expectation are at a significant disadvantage from a customer experience point of view in an era of hyper-personalization. 

According to a McKinsey report, 71% of consumers expect companies to provide personalized experiences, while 76% become frustrated and drop off when this expectation is not met.

Let go of the pressure of providing a tailored context-based conversation. Our virtual agents are now equipped with the ability to deliver hyper-personalized experiences, using context from past conversations to understand user preferences. This will enable your virtual agents to adapt to individual customers’ needs and provide them with personalized conversational behaviour.

3. Transformed Sales Pipeline:

The idea of incorporating Voice AI solutions into B2B sales processes is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. According to Gartner, 30% of all B2B companies will use AI to improve at least one of their primary sales processes. 

AI-driven Voicebots not only allow sales reps to focus on the right prospect through qualifying leads in run-time, but it also speeds up the sales process, resulting in more real-time conversions.

4. Boosted Conversions:

Did you know? According to a Forrester study, lead qualification can help you generate up to 50% more revenue opportunities at 33% lower costs.

The qualified data speaks for itself. When tele-qualified leads are handed off to a sales representative with the additional information about the prospect that they need to move forward, the funnel can then be taken to the next level, increasing the conversions.

5. Flagging out Disqualified Leads:

The marketing universe is vast. Identifying a lead or no lead from a large dataset can be done quickly with an AI-powered virtual agent, saving resources wasted on follow-ups would result in nothing but failed efforts and opportunities.

After tele-qualifying a lead, an outbound rep can quickly route it to the most appropriate sales resource for nurturing and conversion.

6. In-Depth Business Insights:

Prospects can have meaningful conversations with a virtual assistant. It’s amazing how much information they’ll share if you make multiple outbound calls and ask detailed questions. Insights into who the decision makers are, what they want, and how interested they are in the product

This level of knowledge cannot be captured in an online form or by human agents who typically ask simple questions and collect limited data.

Bottom Line

Implementing lead qualification automation with virtual agents is the simplest way to boost your sales and conversions this year.

You understand. Automation is currently one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox. You’re probably already aware that automation introduces you to a plethora of opportunities at the ideal time to convert prospects into customers, with additional filters for more personalized communications.

Businesses that use marketing automation to accelerate their sales funnel increase qualified leads by 451%. If your automation solution isn’t providing that kind of lead boost, it’s time to move up the ladder and implement GenieTalk’s Virtual Assistant.

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