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Voice Assistants powered by Generative AI

The introduction of Air AI has made one thing clear- Voice AI assistants is having a moment—one that is unlikely to disappear anytime soon, if at all, considering all the buzz in the news and social media platforms. For most people and businesses, it’s an intriguing and exciting technology that claims to replicate the human voice, tone, and accent.

However, we have been working on similar grounds, with the most innovative minds building the most efficient voice assistants ever, giving conversational AI technology a push. We are confident that the future of Customer Service is bright.

What We Offer at Voice Assistants

To be clearer, has developed a natural-sounding voice assistant that is not confined to a single use case when it comes to resolving a customer query. It’s fast, efficient, and has already been trained on 1 million+ conversations. It operates 24*7 so that your human agents can focus on sales and conversions.

Genie Voice Assistant’s ability to produce compelling and engaging conversations that replicate the competence of sales professionals is one of its notable qualities.
Let’s have a look at all the calls handled by them:

  • Pre-Sales Calls

Pre-sales or cold calls, as you call them in salesy language, GenieVA can comprehend consumer queries and offer correct product or service information. They use NLP to analyze consumer intent and reply with suitable replies ranging from product suggestions to transaction completion, all while simulating human-like conversational abilities.

 – Lead Qualification: Genie Qualify allows you to determine who your sales agents are selling to, the likelihood of a prospect converting, and the potential lifetime value of each lead currently in the pipeline.

 – Lead Nurturing: Engaging with consumers no matter where they are. GenieVA can also nurture prospects by delivering relevant information at the appropriate point in their purchasing journey, to their specific queries.

  • Discovery Calls

Discovery or Introductory Calls are done to learn about the customer’s wants, preferences, and financial limits. Based on the information gathered, the voice assistant can offer appropriate services. If more assistance is required, these assistants can route the calls to a sales person.

– Lead Generation: A key use case is lead generation through voice assistants is the ultimate objective of modern sales processes, using automation. Proving the omni-channel assistance, Genie can generate leads on various channels, time zones & digital platforms.

– Appointment Generation: The assistants can also schedule appointments or connect the customer with a sales representative if further assistance is required.


  • Post Sales Calls

AI voice assistants can manage post-sales conversations by delivering status & real-time updates, monitoring purchases, and answering any consumer challenges post that. The onboarding journey requires specific care, especially in the case of complicated products like Insurance.

They can extract information from databases or connected systems, allowing them to present consumers with real-time updates.

– Feedback: Many firms use outbound call automation through Genie Assistants to perform surveys, gather feedback, or conduct interviews with their target audience, either to test the feasibility of a new product or to better understand their pain points after using the existing product.  –

– Collection: Manage and prioritise the debt collection with voice assistants, making the whole process quick and agile, analysing the reasons for missing payments and tailors recovery steps for each borrower.

– Reminders: Customer engagement and re-engagement via reminder calls is another important use case. Agents contact current clients to provide prompt follow-up. For example, an insurance company may contact you regarding forthcoming pending premiums.

  • Customer Support Calls

Our voice agents are the core of the organization’s customer service providing technical support. It is the single point of contact for clients with questions, concerns, complaints, or requests. Banks and credit card issuers, for example, utilize contact centers to inform clients about their balances, rewards, and so on.

In all of these cases, AI-powered voice assistants use natural language understanding, conversational design, machine learning, and integration with relevant data sources to handle calls effectively and give a human-like experience to clients.

With an Agent so smart, it continuously learns and improves over time without any training from your end, resulting in more effective and personalized conversations. Customer Demo Call

The video being shared as the “next big thing in AI” on LinkedIn is a demonstration of the next level of Customer Service. Giving us the wings to offer an exceptional customer experience.

Why Genie VA’s are the ideal solution for your business:

1. Rebuttal Handling: GenieVA can resolve out of the box queries more effectively by taking into consideration the customer’s prior interactions, or any other relevant data. Considering the context and giving customized replies that are relevant to the consumer.

2. Autonomy & Efficiency: is a useful tool for enterprises because of its capacity to work independently across omni-channels and quickly integrate into a tech stack without requiring any changes to the architecture.

3. Dynamic Support: To capitalize on a sudden spike in contact volume, install an assistant to give round-the-clock dynamic help, removing customer hassles and lowering your reliance on live chat operators and sales personnel to a large part.

4. Inbound & Outbound Services: Get the best of both worlds with our Genie voice agent performing exceptionally well in both areas.

i) Inbound Automation- Inbound services agents handle incoming calls, respond to consumer inquiries, answer questions, and route them to the appropriate human agents to resolve their problems.

ii) Outbound Automation- Agents in an outbound service initiate calls to customers on their company’s behalf. They contact clients to give assistance, promote items, or gather information in the form of surveys or feedback.

To sum up

Genie VAs are highly proficient in managing whole 5-25 minute sales and customer service conversations over the phone that sound like humans and can conduct tasks autonomously across several platforms.

This means that businesses can now have the power of thousands of sales and customer service reps at the tap of a button. is handling concurrent conversations every single day, producing high revenues for businesses. It can be used by CRO, CX executives, and contact center leaders for solving various use cases. The possibilities are endless.

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