Defeating the Stale Sales Leads with Voice AI Solutions! 

Role of voice assistant in filtering the leads

Are your marketing campaigns struggling? 

Are they still failing to deliver the results you require after being personalized? 

If you answered YES, you are dealing with a major data problem. It is possible that you have no idea what is wrong, but the answer is very simple. Your sales reps are working with databases that are old, out of date, and practically of no use anymore.

Data decay is at an all-time high. This is seriously damaging to sales and marketing databases. Sales and marketing efforts necessarily require accurate lead contact information, as well as current information on their organizations, designations, branch addresses, and so on. 

When data decays due to inconsistencies, old information, or aging out, B2B companies’ overall performance, as well as sales and marketing, suffers.

Did you know- “The average financial impact of poor data quality on organizations is $9.7 million per year,” according to Gartner.

This statistic underlines the true financial consequence that poor data quality can have on your organization if it is not properly maintained. It’s no surprise, that data quality remains one of the top priorities for Large B2B companies.

Stale Sales Leads: A Big Challenge

Any marketing campaign relies on sales leads to survive. It is critical that this data is reliable, complete, and easily attainable to ensure that it generates the defined campaign objectives. However, with changing contact information, profiles, and people, data decay has emerged as the most difficult challenge for any company in scaling its sales and acquiring new customers.

Sales Leads

Types of Stale Sales Leads:

Inaccurate or insufficient customer contact details, such as Email addresses, mobile numbers, duplicate user profiles, and unorganized customer leads, indicate bad sales lead data.

  1. Incomplete Leads- These leads need additional details to be usable. Any missing data can make the process of lead qualification difficult.
  2. Duplicate Leads- Due to the lack of a unique entry point for records, duplicate leads frequently result in lower conversions.
  3. Invalid Leads- Invalid leads result in inefficient use of budget, database, and marketing resources, increasing costs while meeting revenue targets. 
  4. Unstructured Leads- While these leads may be adequate for contact information when routed to CRM, they present standardization and integration challenges.
  5. Non-compliant Leads- Leads that frequently disregard regional regulations such as GDPR, regional laws, and specific compliances.

Overcoming the Challenges with Voice AI Solution

Sales lead data is crucial for businesses to make informed decisions about potential customers and drive sales. However, over time, the data collected from sales leads can become stale and outdated, leading to ineffective marketing efforts and missed sales opportunities. That’s where Voice AI solutions come in.

The most significant benefits of utilizing Conversational AI solutions are:

  1. Businesses can enrich their stale sales leads data and turn it into valuable information that can drive sales and improve customer engagement.
  2. By using voice recognition and natural language processing, Voice AI solutions can understand the customer’s needs, and provide relevant and personalized recommendations, boosting the Customer Experience (CX)
  3. Voice assistants use contextual information such as time, location, user preferences, and other relevant details, helping in organizing and prioritizing data, while accurately updating it, making it easier for the human agents to take it further.

The Bottom Line

By leveraging Voice Assistants, you can provide your sales and marketing teams with the resources they require while also assisting your company in reaching its full potential with fantastic conversions and higher ROI.

You’ll need a highly powerful data enrichment solution like to succeed here. You’ll be able to keep your large-scale database up to date and fully intact with a service like ours, verifying the data rapidly through intelligence backed with AI. You can then utilize it to create new marketing campaigns and gain access to the data needed to convert new leads using advanced analytics.

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