Relentless Prioritization: Top Tactics For Success

Relentless Prioritization with the power of AI

In a digital-first post-pandemic world, exceptional customer experience has become a priority without stepping out, and companies are paying close attention to making it happen with inbuilt AI technologies in contact centres. AI is a driving force in contact centres that enables delivering superior customer and agent experience with the help of automation tools. To thrive, you must have Voicebot platform essentials and a core sense of purpose–paired with a keen understanding of exactly what can help you fulfil that purpose. 

In economic downturns, businesses may reach a point where it becomes necessary to also think this way: What is necessary for this company to survive? And then: What is necessary for this company to thrive?

One concept that can help you answer these questions and will help your company to survive:

Why Artificial Intelligence & Relentless Prioritization can sync in? Is the Recession calling some tough decisions for all businesses around the world?

Voice AI is a very hot space right now, and many vendors that previously focused on other AI technologies are now tapping into it. 

Relentless Prioritisation – Is that the word of the hour?

Yes, It’s time to rethink priority customer programs to survive because many large enterprises are experiencing a crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts. Remaining relevant and alive requires bold moves that accelerate Digital, Agile, and DevOps transformation efforts that may already be underway. For some companies, the pandemic crisis is a structural one that will change the nature of their business models such as Lay-off, Cost Cutting, and Pay cuts. The crisis may be temporary or it may be permanent, and it may impact a company’s digital transformation directly or indirectly. 

Now that the customer experience CX is overtaking price and product as a brand’s key differentiator, organizations are increasingly seeking ways to minimize and improve interactions.

In a down economy, a company’s air becomes the highest priority. And essentialism means that all processes and procedures are singularly focused on priorities that you can get through Genietalk, and Why not? Because GenieTalk will help:

1. Lower costs and better ROI: Decrease your cost per contact by automating all outbound calls which will help you to increase your ROI. You might be thinking: “What about the customer experience?”.Virtual agents can provide step-by-step instruction, collect information, and answer questions while sounding as natural as humans do.

2. Scales up or down instantly:  Minimize wait times with automation that scales with demand.

3. Resolve, don’t deflect customer issues:  Resolve requests on first contact up to 100% faster than agents. It doesn’t matter if 500 or 10000 people are calling at the same time – they are always answering immediately.

4. Automate engagement across channels: Consistent customer experience across voice bots, chat, or SMS.

5. Better data:  Analyze every conversation and deliver insights automatically with no manual data entry.

6. Improved agent productivity: Relieve agents from repetitive, high-volume requests.

7. Faster escalations: More efficient hand-offs with full context to assist agents.

What are the key components of prioritizing?

Data verification, Customer experience, Real time reports, Impact, and Urgency are the components of prioritizing which will help you to understand each task and you can make your decision quickly.

The Takeaway: 

Even in an economic downturn, certain industries such as travel and hospitality will see a surge in demand in 2023 and struggle to provide great service for customers. Others will need to combat lower budgets and higher customer attrition with loyalty. In either case, leaders from every industry will deploy Contact Center Automation to provide a safeguard against an unpredictable economic future, without having to hire a single additional agent. 

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