The Future of Contact Centers: Exploring the Impact of Generative AI and Multi LLMs

Generative AI & Voicebot

In an era where providing a differentiated solution is the goal, contact centers are at the forefront of leveraging new tech solutions to provide exceptional CX to their customers.

As organizations strive to meet the growing demands, the future of contact centers is being reshaped by the remarkable capabilities of Generative AI and Multi LLMs.
In this blog, we will uncover the immense potential and promising possibilities that lie ahead of us beyond Q3 2023, shaping the future landscape and redefining customer service standards taking it to the next level and beyond.

What makes Generative AI a perfect fit for Contact Centers?

Although LLMs provide various advantages like as increased customer experience, operational efficiency, dynamic answers, language translation, and more, they also present problems.

 One key advantage is the ability to manage complexities, such as answering out-of-the-box queries, and unclear queries that may be a bouncer for a human agent.

Other two significant advantages include:

  • Elimination of Manual Workload: Contact Centers leaders have realized the greatest advantages of generative AI in the short future when manual duties are eliminated, boosting the agent productivity.
  • Empowering Contact Center Agents: Harnessing them in such a manner that they empower contact center agents, rather than replacing them by doing repetitive chores and freeing them up for more sophisticated activities that require human expertise.

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Role of Generative AI & LLMs in Contact Centers:

Multi LLms are the craze right now, and contact centers are keen to seize the chance to look creative and deliver automation.

The effects of new technology can be felt extensively, particularly in terms of customer experience (CX). We have most certainly witnessed enormous changes in how consumers find products, engage with companies, experience brands, and associate value with a specific brand image in a very short period of time.

At, we think that the customer is king and that customer experience is more important than ever. Where we are today and where we will be tomorrow will evolve, but customer experience will always be the top priority for contact center leaders.

Future of Customer Experience

According to Gartner, 38% of leaders prioritise customer experience/retention as their #1 priority for generative AI investments.

Because of its ability to create new kinds of music, art, content, codes, and other helpful works, generative AI has gained an extensive amount of attention in recent years. But, exactly, how is Generative AI altering Customer Service?

Conversational AI is already an essential component of many firms’ customer service operations. Conversational AI becomes more sophisticated as technology progresses. Here are some key points covered:

 1) Customer Service: 24*7 Assistance, Product Recommendations & more.

 2) Customer Engagement: Re-engagement through Hyper-Personalized Responses, Intent Understanding, Context Management & more.

 3) Customer Retention: Covering all pain-points, & Satisfy customer demands.

 Customers feel that generative AI will change the way they buy from and interact with businesses, but we believe that it will be able to accomplish even more in this area as technology advances in the near future.

The main conclusion is that there are several businesses where the customer experience is essential and an area that is not well handled by existing players. According to the CMSWire Digital CX Report, just 8% utilized LLM like GPTon a regular basis to improve their CX strategy.

Report by Gartner on Generative AI

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At, our major emphasis has also been contact center automation.

Hence we have been utilizing Multi LLMs with an emphasis on contact center interactions since the beginning to understand and analyze customer conversations in finance industries solving operational challenges such as lead verification, lead qualification, data validation, and more across:

-BFSI Sector


-Insurance Sector

This integration provides additional control and trust in the multi model, as well as a feedback loop to develop and fine-tune the offerings to the demands of each organization.

With this being said we are able to deliver a deeper understanding of contact center conversations beyond what can be delivered using Generative AI.

This has not only equipped us for the contact center area, but it has also enabled us to give a better degree of output, human-like precision, and more accuracy.

Major Advantages to the Contact Centers:​

1. Real-time Conversations: By providing rapid replies and support, long wait periods are avoided, and the entire customer experience is improved. These technologies, which can read and create human-like writing, may analyze client questions, process information, and provide correct and contextually relevant responses on the spot.

2. Accelerating innovation: Serving as a catalyst for innovation these advanced AI models can assist in identifying emerging trends, predicting customer behavior, and recommending innovative solutions.

With the ability to analyze vast amounts of data and generate valuable insights, contact centers can make data-driven decisions, drive continuous improvement, and stay ahead of the competition.

3. Augmenting LLMs: The efficiency of LLMs is too high. By fine-tuning the performance of the virtual assistants, they can improve response quality, and reduce the possibility of errors. Contact centers can leverage Generative AI and Multi LLMs to refine the understanding of customer queries, provide more nuanced responses, and adapt to various communication styles.

4. Fine-tune Needs: Generative AI and Multi LLMs offer contact centers the ability to fine-tune their services according to the specific needs of their customers.

By understanding customer preferences and adapting their offerings accordingly, contact centers can deliver highly personalized experiences that resonate with their customers on a deeper level. This level of customization fosters stronger customer engagement, loyalty, and long-term relationships.


Generative AI has been around for a long time, and professionals are now catching hold of it, and using various permutations and combinations to integrate it into the technology stack.

Recent advances in Generative AI and LLM technology have opened the floodgates for new applications in a variety of industries, including the contact center business.

It has already disrupted the market, and is not far behind. We are already working on the backend to ensure that we work with all potential LLMs, so that we bring in some of the most promising run-time use-cases for our end-customers to rely on generative AI, and that we enable brands to fully capitalize on Voice AI and produce meaningful business benefits with meaningful conversations.

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