Unlocking the Power of Automated Lead Qualification: 3 Key Benefits for Your Business

lead qualiication through voicebots

Leads are the lifeblood of every organization; strategies would be useless if your CRM had stale data full of unqualified and cold leads, resulting in missed chances and low conversions through SDRs. This is where lead qualification enters the picture, altering the entire lead management process, from acquisition through conversion.

Did you know?

In 6-9 months, organizations that automate lead management enjoy a 10% or larger increase in revenue says Gartner Research

Sales representatives no longer waste their time in:

1) Manual data entry into CRMs.

2) Manually Qualify each and every prospect.

Simply said, the lead validation process is now automated thanks to AI-powered virtual agents, helping the SDRs to reach the right lead at the right time quickly.

To gain a greater understanding of the impact, here are the key benefits of an automated lead qualification process that every sales team should be aware of in order to increase conversions.

The 3 Key Benefits of Lead Qualification through AI

3 Key Benefits for Your Business

Here are the major 3 benefits you can expect from automated tele-qualification of sales leads through AI-powered Virtual Assistants.

1. 1000x Faster Lead Qualification

Even the most talented salesmen will struggle to close deals with the wrong type of lead database. We introduced GenieQualify- An Intelligent Voice Assistant with the capability of dialling up to 1000s concurrent calls, minimizing the manual work of SDRs, saving their time, and minimizing the human error involved in qualifying and lead scoring.

We at GenieTalk.ai understand the value of time is significant for any sales team chasing goals, yet it’s unbelievable how many sales teams spend their time chasing bad leads and unqualified prospects.

According to a Salesforce study, sales professionals only spend 28% of their time selling; the rest of their time is spent on recurring, and tedious tasks failing to meet their KPIs. Not Anymore with the Genie bot to the rescue!

2. 3X more Live Conversations

Longer wait times are normal at contact centres, but not every consumer is willing to put up with them.

To overcome this challenge, we equipped our virtual agent with the advanced capabilities of managing complex conversations without any prior pre-training in natural language understanding. 

Where a human agent falls short, our Virtual Assistants can assist with speedy query handling, 24*7*365, and lead scoring, dramatically lowering drop-off rates.

P.S.– To add to our list of benefits, you would be elated to know that our GenieQualify is designed to provide omnichannel assistance. Brownie Points for this!

3. 90% cost savings with 5X ROI

When you tele-qualify your leads through AI, you reduce a large number of stale leads to a smaller number of convertible prospects. When you have qualified prospects, you may reach out to them more quickly, lowering your client acquisition costs.

With the help of our Virtual Agent, B2B organizations may scale and grow in terms of quality, precision, greater output in the form of qualified leads, and cutting expenses by 90% by automating operational workflow to help earn higher ROI up to 5X with more conversions.

                                      Automation Partner in Lead Qualification

Are Your Leads Qualified?

Lead qualification is an essential phase in the sales and marketing process. It directs sales teams to work on the most important leads and supports nurturing the leads.

Although lead qualification is necessary, it is a time-consuming process. Your sales team spends over half of their time at work just qualifying leads. This decreases productivity while also wasting time and money.

‘GenieQualify’- Your Automation Partner in Lead Qualification

GenieTalk.ai is the world’s most efficient, safe, and transparent telephony partner, confirming and qualifying data in real-time with no licensing fees or additional platform expenditures, and generating next-level conversions through powerful APIs. With us, you can take your business to the next level by utilizing AI-powered Virtual Assistant- GenieQualify.

Looking for an AI partner to help you get the most out of your investments in Q2 2023?

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